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Thanks To: Our wives, girlfriends, kids, families, and friends, some of who went from one category to another or came into our lives during the process of writing, rehearsing, and recording this album.

Special Thanks To: Jay and Victoria, without who’s patience and hospitality on Monday and Thursday nights, and tolerance for empty beer bottles, broken strings, small electrical fires, and man stink none of this would have been possible. Sharpnack Lives.

*Interesting Trivial Note* It took longer to write and type these notes than it did to listen to this whole album start to finish. This is meant to be album oriented Rock and Roll. It has been laboriously conceived and thought through from the beginning to the end for your maximum enjoyment. Don’t press pause or fast forward because you might miss something important. We thank you in advance for about 40 minutes of your time.


released January 10, 2017

Jim: BoomBoomity/RayGun
Jesse: ThickStringStuff/Harmonica/SpaceEcho/LaserBlaster
The Lone Flame: GoodThinStrings/FootBoxesWithPotentiometers/PewPewPew
Brahm: PoorlyPlayedThinStrings/KeyboardShapes/WhatResemblesVocals/LaserGun

All Songs: Written/Arranged/Performed/Mixed/Produced/LaboriouslyOverthought
By BUNK ©2016 Published by Roombehindtheroom 2016

Recorded 12/15to5-16 at HeatCanon, Phila PA and thePlayRoom, Media PA



all rights reserved


BUNK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BUNK is a collection of four adult human beings from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They use guitars, drums, amplifiers and words of varying shapes and sizes to conjure forth a bombastic, edgy, psychedelic garage sound “we like to call Drunk Rock.”

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Track Name: Ain't My Shit
This song is about watching someone else have to move a lot of large things out of their house
Track Name: What You Said
What You Said was written as an ode to socio-sexual male-female communications or the lack thereof. It has a nice beat and you can dance to it.
Track Name: She's Gone
She's Gone is a toast to absent friends and people we knew who were taken away from us too early in crappy blues form.
Track Name: Nothing Wrong With Me
How I felt one particular evening and was forced by an invisible voice to write down. I was actually alarmed when I heard it played out loud for the first time.
Track Name: Little Girl
This song is not as creepy as you think. It’s actually about trying to be a good dad.
Track Name: Haze
We all have done things we are not proud of. Some of us are old enough to not have to relive those moments through social media, so we write songs to remind ourselves of them.
Track Name: Flashflood Blues
This is a true story about watching a famous dictator get hanged, being held up at gun point in Chicago, flying to NYC and waking up in a basement full of water over the course of a weekend. It’s also a long explanation to a short song.
Track Name: Old And Again
Sometimes I long for a simpler time. You know. Like 2003. Kind of how I feel about political and racial unrest and this great and growing polarization in general.
Track Name: Demon Queen
Demon Queen is maybe our closest thing to a commercially viable song. It’s greasy. You shouldn’t listen to it. You should rub it in your hair or fry a cheese steak in it.
Track Name: Lazer Eye
Our friend grew some crazy weed one summer. It was called “Laser Eye”. I think. There’s a reason they call it “dope” and not “super smart I remember stuff”.
Track Name: Please Don't Go
Note the interesting and almost musical formal structure in the middle part before the big freak out part. Then be happy we don’t live next door to you because your lawn would become unhealthy and die.
Track Name: Go My Way
I’ve always been an admirer of the Mothers of Invention. Someday I might be able to both write and play songs as well as them. Thanks Frank. This is probably as close to what it sounds and feels like to be in a room with the four of us as you can get. Minus the man stink. We should’ve called the song man stink. Damn.